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Beyond our Borders - Teaser page [1] by LividCreativity Beyond our Borders - Teaser page [1] by LividCreativity
They should call these two the Downer Doubles. 

This is the first teaser or Beyond our Borders that I'll be uploading. This is basically what the whole comic will pretty much look like, since I mostly focus on visuals and art on the pages. Tell me what you think!
Of course my artstyle will slowly change throughout the comic since I'm still a rookie, but hopefully nobody minds. ;)
This page in particular was made not only for me to practice some weather, mood, dialouge (which sucks ;w; ) and layout of panels, but it was also made to unlock some of the series' backstory. 
I might even make one or two more of these teaser pages due to the story being pretty indepth and complicated, just to give those who are interested a little bit of a platform to jump from when diving into the story. Not that I think that many will do though, comics usually don't kick off that often when you don't have a big following. 
Even if this doesn't spread, I won't mind! I'm happy with what my friends and I have created either way, and it doesn't matter it people care or not. I'm just another random artist after all! <3

If you are interested however, surf around on my page to find out a little more. There's alot more secrets to be found~ 

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Marvel (c) - Me
Mercy (c) - Fizzypuff 

(Sorry if you've seen this page twice, I updated it with newer dialouge. Wasn't happy with the first result, so here's the newer version!)
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